Maps (cont.) CTF-Citadel: some of us call this the CTF-Face with three paths. It's a fairly good map, with some nice flow, good visuals, and some neat spiked balls you can translocate to and snipe from (drop down to one of the spikes and you'll see what we mean). There's also a Big Keg 'o Health on one of the spikes, although we felt that it could have been left out or located somewhere else. The biggest problem with Citadel is that it's far to easy to cap on. Get flag, go out through teleporter, drop down to left path, shield gun on, run backward toward goal, cap. You can do it over and over again, even against medium-skilled human opponents. Limiting the Shield Gun effect (shorter duration) as we mentioned earlier would help here.BR-Anubis: our first taste of a Bombing Run map, was a little disconcerting to us at first, with the spawn points perpendicular to and nowhere near the goals, which are spread very far apart. After playing awhile, though, it became much more familiar. The outdoor portion of this map, while another route to take with the bomb, seems sort of out of place and, perhaps, unnecessary. The large center room, however, is a great place to do some bomb passing. We felt this was a good first map to introduce Bombing Run, although a field-type level might have been more appropriate for the demo to introduce people to the new gametype.