Servers/WebAdmin/GUIBoth Windows and Linux servers work very, very well, using no more overhead (actually, an unscientific look says less) than UT. The web admin has been enhanced and, while not fully enabled for the demo, offers additional options as compared to UT, including the ability to define 'sub-admins' and groups. Time well spent, and we look forward to the fully-enabled version of this part of the game.The GUI is completely revamped from UT, and is missing several options we'd like to see put back in. Open Location is one that has stirred the most controversy, although you can easily open the console and type it in. Speaking of the console, we'd have liked to have the ability to paste text in there. We'd also like to see the option restored to resize the HUD, as many of us felt that the default hud was too big, and had to go .ini hunting to change the size.We liked how easily and quickly you can switch teams now, or change your settings, while in-game. Very smooth, good improvement.