Maps DM-Asbestos: well, let's start with the worst of the bunch, shall we? DM-Asbestos wouldn't know 'flow' if it hit it in the face. There is virtually no pure flow in this map at all. Now, flow is hard to describe. Basically, it's the ability to effortlessly move throughout the entire level. You never quite get that in Asbestos. Whether it's the main center section with the pit in the middle, forcing you to take a perilous walkway on the left or the right, or the open stairs that you get caught in, or the bottom center section where you can only go in one direction, up or down, you never get the feeling that you can motor around without constantly worrying about everything. Oh, and don't get us started on the bot paths. There is one positive we can mention about Asbestos, and that is you'll get some good training on how to fight in the Z-axis. I should point out that not all of our team felt so negatively toward Asbestos, just most of us.DM-Antalus: how can this incredible map be in the same game as Asbestos? (oh, I forgot, DM-Barricade from UT...) Antalus is stunning in it's scope, layout and flow. It even allows you to make full advantage of double-jumps (well-spaced rocks near a perilous bridge allow you to double-jump across, rather than take the bridge and die). The grass is, well, grasslike (imagine that), and the overall ambiance of this absolutely beautiful outdoor map lends itself to some truly super gameplay. Items are well-placed, with the notable exception of the damage amp being right next to the shock rifle (bad taste, boys...). Overall, this is one sweet ass map that you'll find yourself enjoying for a long, long time.