OverallWe could go on and on, and perhaps we have a bit, but this is just the demo, not the full game. As we are writing this review, the Windows patch is released and Epic is working on the finishing touches to a Linux patch.'Quakers' should love UT 2003. The game is much more 'Quake-like' in feel, and looks spectacular. Several of us found this to be a plus, while others were expecting more drastic change, rather than the smoother evolution of the game that Digital Extremes and Epic have provided us. Those people who relied on the Shock Rifle to dominate better think again, and we found that to be a big improvement. The weapons are so much more balanced now, you can have a fair fight between someone with a Biorifle and someone with a Rocket Launcher, which is amazing.Linux users will appreciate the ease of installation, but will have to fight for every FPS they get. Linux stability is questionable as well, and we hope Epic can bring it up to snuff for the full release.The hardware requirements are steep for UT 2003, and will only get steeper for the full release. As gamers, we can certainly understand pushing the envelope, but this is pretty severe stuff. If you're used to 100 FPS in Quake 3 or UT, don't even think of it in UT 2003. It's just not going to happen. Still, the game is quite playable at 1/2 that FPS. Loyal UT fans like us just eat the UT 2003 demo up. It's not just the engine, although that's a big part of it. It's the little things, like 'em or not, that make it a new experience. Adrenaline, special moves, new weapons, the 'hump' taunt back in the game....it's all good when you put it all together. We don't remember having as much fun with a demo since, well, UT. The future looks bright for UT 2003!