Game Modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch: the old standards, will probably be part of every FPS until the BU staff is dead and buried. Gameplay is quite enjoyable. Some have commented that it's almost Quake3-like (and that's not such a bad thing, folks). We found it to be at least as good as UT DM/TDM, with what appears to be an improvement in bot AI. When's the last time you saw a UT bot crouch? More excellent work from Epic's Steve Polge.Capture The Flag: again, a game that people love to play. The UT 2003 demo implementation is pretty stock. Bot AI is better than in UT. In this case, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.Bombing Run: this is the new game mode for the Unreal series. In a nutshell, Bombing Run is a game where you need to get the glowing 'bomb' and throw it (or jump with it) through the enemy's goal. Frag opponents, score points, win game. Seems pretty straightforward, eh? Well, you can't shoot when you are carrying the bomb. This mandates that you play as a team, if you are to be successful. One strategy that is sure to become popular will be 'passing' the ball from teammate to teammate to advance toward the enemy goal. We feel that this was a strong addition to UT 2003.