Items Adrenaline: with UT 2003, we are introduced to the concept of Adrenaline. Adrenaline capsules are scattered around the maps. Instead, once you collect 100 adrenaline 'points', you can obtain some enhancements for a limited amount of time:

  • Invisibility - Right Strafe, Right Strafe, Left Strafe, Left Strafe.
  • Berserk (increased fire rate) - Forward, Forward, Back, Back.
  • Booster (health to 199, add armor with leftover pills, if any)- Back, Back, Back, Back.
  • Speed - Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward.

We were split on Adrenaline. Some of us thought it to be too 'relic-like', tainting the game with something that should not be a default, while others thought this to be a welcome additional strategic element in the game, especially considering the time-limited nature of the effects. You be the judge, of course.Double Damage: nothing special here, does what it is supposed to do, time-limited effect is just right.Armor: the various armor types are, again, nothing special or different from UT, but serve their purpose as expected.Health / Vials / Super Health Pack: all are back for UT 2003, all are pretty much the same. We liked the UT Big Keg 'o Health visual effect better than the new one.