FragBU Information

FragBU is the culmination of what BeyondUnreal is about - playing and enjoying the Unreal series. Every weekend, BU forumers get together on passworded servers and frag each other for hours on end. At the present time, the game of choice is Unreal Tournament "4". The servers are configured by input from the BuF community, making them a haven for those seeking a better UT experience than what they'll find in the average public server.

FragBU is organized by and for members of the BeyondUnreal forums, though all are welcome to join. BuF players come from a variety of backgrounds, from casual gamers and newbies, to seasoned clan veterans, mappers, developers, forum moderators, and much more. It doesn't matter what your internet connection type is or where you're located geographically... FragBU is a good place to be if you want to have fun, competitive games without the bad attitudes.

FragBU is held on Friday and Saturday evenings. Sometimes we extend FragBU an extra day or two in the case of a holiday.

One of the reasons FragBU has been so successful is we've had a good bunch of people to game with. In general, you won't find the harassing and bad attitudes that are common on a lot of public servers. We view it as a family of sorts. That said, FragBU is a family environment, so here are some general guidelines to follow while conducting yourself at FragBU:

  • Be kind to your fellow gamers - show each other respect and say nice shot, gg, or good fight instead of flaming.
  • If you feel yourself getting too upset to where you'd say something negative toward another or you're getting too frustrated, take a 5 minute break to spare yourself and someone else an argument. Keep a cool head - it's only a game!
  • Avoid excessive bragging or putting down others in game or on the forums (including your team).
  • Use a name people can recognize. If it isn't the same as your forum account, list your in game name somewhere in your signature or title.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated.
  • Using exploits to gain an advantage will not be tolerated.
  • Purposefully participating in an activity that hurts your team will not be tolerated. This includes going afk for extended periods of time or choosing not to play without disconnecting.
  • Use good judgment when voting for maps. Try to pick one that is appropriate to the player load.
  • Have fun. Play hard and give it your best. Learn new tricks. It's what FragBU is about.

These rules are not meant to inhibit your fun, but to enhance the enjoyment of all. Think twice about what you are doing if it is not being done for the benefit of the team. Players with admin access will be present much of the time, but these rules should be enforced by YOU!

To enhance your FragBU experience, we also have an IRC channel where you can hook up with your BuF buddies. The #fragbu IRC channel is a great way to get together pre-FragBU to talk, and an even better way to meet up with the other FragBU regulars during the week to arrange pickup games. Look at our IRC page for more information on how to get connected.

For the server passwords, screenshots, or general FragBU discussion, be sure to drop by the Unreal Tournament Forum. There should always be a sticky thread with the week's game details in it.

FragBU Links:

FragBU Server:

The BeyondUnreal FragBU Mothership is a 12-player server located in Dallas, TX. Although FragBU is only on the weekends, the server is available 24/7. You can join the server by searching the server browser for 'BeyondUnreal'. The server can be switched between DM, TDM, and CTF by any server admin.

If you have any questions about the event or want to suggest changes, let us know. Otherwise, FRAG ON!