Unreal II Seen in the more recent Unreal 2 pictures, the Izarians bare a resemblance to the aliens from the film of the same name. Hunting in packs, these six-legged beasts have six weapons, as well as razor sharp teeth at their disposal. Two more original creations that you'll encounter include the Striders, who have the ability to merge together to navigate around obsticles, and create weapons of great power and intelligence. Also, you'll find yourself battling 'The N', a transdimensional species who possess the ability to bend space and time... oh yeah, and you can't kill them. Last but not least comes the arachnids. Not surprisingly, these are spider-like creatures, and perhaps the most mysterious Unreal 2 creature of all. No images exist of them, yet you can be sure that they'll be coded to scare the hell out of any arachnophobes out there.

The Future

Unreal 2 is currently due for release around the end of 2002. The official target is Christmas, although it's likely that the game could be released at any time from September through to November. When it's finally released, Unreal 2 will have been in development for almost four years, and there's no doubt that Legend will reward our patience with a genre-defining game.