Unreal II Meeting on the Mount

In March 2002, after a steady trickle of information and screenies on Unreal 2 suddenly came to a halt, it was announced by Epic Games' Mark Rein that Unreal 2 would not feature multiplay mode, including the innovative 'Expanded Multiplayer' mode that had been talked about amongst Unreal fans for quite some time. Instead, Unreal Tournament 2 (later renamed to UT2003), developed by Digital Extremes, would take care of our Unreal multiplayer needs, while Unreal 2 would remain solely a single-player game. Despite some bad feelings in the community at the time, it now appears that everything has worked out for the better. Unreal Tournament 2003 will be released in June 2002, and will cater for everyone's multiplayer needs, and Unreal 2, released at the end of the year would provide a top-notch single player experience.