Unreal II Characters

The game starts on your ship, the Atlantis. The ship's crew includes Aida Shen (AKA 'the Unreal 2 chick'), Isaak Borisov, the ship's engineer, and Ne'Ban, the pilot and navigator. You'll be able to talk to these members of your crew throughout the game, developing the plot along the way.


Out of Unreal 2's total of 24 enemies, the only original Unreal monsters to appear in the sequel are the Skaarj. As with every other friend and foe in the game, their armor comes in light, medium and heavy flavor. The Skaarj are everything we've come to expect from them in the previous two games -- strong, big not to mention surprisingly agile and intelligent. One of the many locations you'll find yourself in while playing through Unreal 2 is an underwater world covered by oceans. One of the mysterious enemies you'll encounter on this world is the Shian, who possess the ability to summon other sea creatures to attack you.