Unreal II Leaked

On September 14th 2001, a post appeared on the Official Infogrames Unreal 2 forum that would change the public face of Unreal 2. A post appeared from someone who claimed that his friend had obtained a pre-release version of Unreal 2. Critics were silenced when a few days later he produced never-seen-before footage of the game. After the storm following the discovery that Unreal 2 had been leaked, solid details of the leaked build began to emerge. The leaked build was taken from the build shown at E3 2001 by Legend Entertainment, and did little more than show off some of the engine's new effects. It was little more than an interactive tech demo. The file spread quickly across the net, being grabbed by Unrealaholics who were subsequently disappointed by the lack of any real gameplay in this supposed 'pre-alpha'. Today the alpha can still be found floating around cyberspace if you have the time, effort, bandwidth and power to look for it, but at the moment the leaked build is over a year old, and fails to impress when compared to the upcoming Unreal Tournament 2003.