MalHavoc Working BU: Ok, so you're that Quaker MalHavoc, formerly of Tell us, what brought you to BeyondUnreal, and why do you stay with us Unrealaholics?MalHavoc: Well, back in Stomped's day, we hosted Cliffe and friends used Vbulletin for their forums when they were with us, and he was having some issues with it. He asked Chris to talk to me about doing a few customizations and what not, since he needed access to the machine, and that's how I came to meet TEH CLAMBERT. About a year ago, Clambert approached me and asked if I'd be interested in volunteering to do some Unix admin for BeyondUnreal. I naturally agreed, since I needed yet another time suck in my life. Here we are. MalHavoc Working BU: Where are you from, Mal? Tell us a little about where you live, and what you do for excitement there.MalHavoc: I currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. For those of you unfamiliar with Canada, it's east of Maine, on the Atlantic coast. There's quite a bit to do here, if you either fish, hunt, or do anything outside. Seriously, it's beautiful up here. Halifax itself has quite a thriving night life as well, but I'm pretty quiet. I'll do pretty much anything that lets me relax. (Single malt scotch is next to God) I'm hardly around during the summer, because we don't get a whole lot of really warm weather, but during the winter I'm in my basement constantly, hibernating in front of my wood stove.BU: No crack whores?MalHavoc: There are certainly areas of Halifax that you can find some pretty nasty shit, but no, it's nothing like being in Pottsown, Pete ;) Just stay away from Hollis street down on the water front.