Epic UT 2003 Bonus Pack One Review
By: TwrecksUT 2003 Epic Bonus Pack One
Developer: Epic GamesAll hail Epic!Way back on March 13th this year Epic released it's first Bonus Pack for 2003, without time or bandwidth I held off downloading the 153mb exe zip file until recently. Triggering my reflex is the 2255 Patch with source and Debug .u files, plus the companion BrightSkins mod available since April 22nd. Most significant is the 2225 Patch allows for No-CD checking. Second, this patch redresses gaming issues the previous placebos did not. Namely a UT Classic mutator, weapon size and FOV (Field of View). Next, it includes a change list too long to mention here. So why did I bite the bullet and install the Epic Bonus Pack One? The 2225 Patch text file told me. Last, I must mention you have to atleast the 2186 Patch to install/run the EBP1 (Epic Bonus Pack One). Might as well grab the 2225 instead.Mutant! Epic has always been true to its hardcore fans. The box (retail) version of UT 2003 was made in conjunction with Digital Extremes (DE), and carries the visuals wrapping that would blossom into Unreal2. February saw the release of the DE Bonus Pack for UT 2003. The DE Bonus Pack met with mixed feelings, delivering more eyecandy and less play than what was hoped for by fps fans. What we have here is THE Epic Bonus Pack One by Epic. Epic labelling it as number One opens the door to more packs. Unreal Tournament saw four packs and still has a large following. With both the 2225 Patch and EBP1, gamers and mod makers are armed with the best the industry has to offer. The Unreal Engine runs some of the hottest new games today (Devastation and Raven Shield for example) The EPB1 is made by those ppl closest to the source and keep their eyes and ears open for feedback.