Epic UT 2003 Bonus Pack One Review
By: TwrecksSumming it upInvasion! Last I need to mention the 3 new announcer voices available and a small update to the default. These are labeled: Female, Sexy and Evil. Epic gives the thumbs up on Mr Evil for that Classic UT feeling. No doubt anyone using the Female option still expects to hear "You are the weakest link" at some point. The Sexy (female) announcer can be over-the-top and then abrupt for no apparent reason. I would have to agree with Epic on this one. Fact is, now we have a choice other than shutting down the volume. For that I give full marks, hopefully one will fall into your graces.In closing, Remember to get the 2225 Patch and Bright Skins mod if you haven't already. Epic Bonus Pack One is a tour-de-force for UT2003, and will be difficult to surpass. I look forward to any sequals Epic wishes to throw at us. If anything, it has fuelled future efforts of Mappers and Mod makers alike. For that I wish to give welcome for the thanks to the fans provided by EBP1. And now with the No-CD check can enjoy the game at home, and at work. Wee Doggies!!!