Epic UT 2003 Bonus Pack One Review
By: TwrecksThis Pack Has GameInvasion! The 3 new gametypes are: Invasion, Last Man Standing, and Mutant. Invasion is perhaps the more addicting of the lot. Waves of 12 different Unreal1 monsters spawn with only one intent. Waves get progressively harder as expected. In single player, I hit a limit of 2 bots as support, a higher limit is set for Multiplayer. As long as one team member survives a wave, all will respawn at the beginning of the next wave. A good tactic was to wear down the invading hordes, then collect goodies for the coming attack before finishing off the straglers. A radar on the hud provides the tactical edge. The difficulty slider for bots controls the moster AI. I enjoyed this mod most in DM-IronDiety. The Speed combo allowed me to double jump aroung the super-shield corner to snag the Redeemer. Especially effective on Warlords. Sorry, no Nali Rabbits or War Cows are harmed in playing this mod.Last Man Standing Last Man Standing is a carry over from the popular UT mod of the same name. Each player starts with a predefined number of re-spawns. He who defies being fragged best is the winner, or she as the case may be, in which it'd be "Last Woman Standing". I don't know the PC term for mechs and other non-sexed aliens, at the moment all are bipeds so "Standing" still applies.Mutant! The Mutant gametype has a large set of rules, yet simple in its execution. The player with the first kill is THE mutant. You only get points while you are the mutant. Normal kills recive 2 points, the double kill 3, multi 4 more, and if you kill the "bottom feeder" add 5. The bottom feeder is the player with the lowest score. Bottom feeders also get scores for frags like the mutant. Killing the mutant makes you the mutant. A radar enables non-mutants to seek the mutant. Aside from the mutant, everyone has a friendly-fire tag set to zero, except the bottom feeder who can only be killed by the mutant and has license to gib everyone. This reads all very confusing, but makes for very dynamic play for larger player loads where typically scores would diverge rapidly.