Epic UT 2003 Bonus Pack One Review
By: TwrecksA surge of AdrenalineThe two new adrenaline combos are Camoflage and Pint-Sized. Aparently we are left to guess the move combinations. I sluthed out the available key-peats and determined Strafe Right pressed four times yields the Camoflage and four rapid left Strafes Pint-Sized. That still leaves the Left, Left, Right, Right and Back, Back, Forward, Forward open for your ideas in the simple move set.Combo Camoflage Camoflage, as defined by the readme, "puts a holographic projection of a static decoration over you as a disguise. . The projection doesn't quite extend to your feet, so you have to crouch to be really hidden" . In DM-Injector it placed a concrete pillar around my character. From the screenshot, you can see that a pillar leaping thru the air is not very believable. Plus you will notice the hologram does not change my shadow. I didn't try this in a CTF map. Somehow a crate with a flag will be detected, on the other hand, could be a useful ambush tactic.Combo Pintsize Pint-Sized halves the players size as would be guessed. Weapons don't shrink, and like all combos runs out as your adrenaline is used up. Also, crouching does not lower your collision hieght, and is unavailable while shrunk. Your speed is not reduced either, making players virtual death jockeys and bots munchkins with attitude. Both combos can be enabled/disabled in the mutator control panel.