BeyondUnreal Reviews: UCMP2

The original UCMP came onto the scene on March 26, 2005, containing 13 maps for CTF, Deathmatch, Double Domination and Onslaught, made by some of the community's best and brightest, and pumped some considerable life into the UT2004 community. Besides having some great looking and playing maps, it featured the quizzically named ONS-UCMP-ABC(-ECE), which is hands down probably the silliest Onslaught map made to date. But here we are, barely 7 months later, and UCMP2 is out, with 18 maps for nearly every gametype: 1 Assault, 1 Bombing Run, 6 Capture the flag, 7 Deathmatch, 2 Domination, and 1 Vehicle Capture the Flag. (Sorry ONS Fans, no love for you this go-around. :( )

So then, is the pack worth it? Has it proved a worthy successor to the pack that preceded it? I proceeded to hypnotize, drug, and blackmail two of my fellow staffers, Hal and Raffi B, into assisting me in my endeavor to review this meaty collection of maps. And so, before the drugs wear off, here's the scoop on UCMP2 - and why you should download it immediately.