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Tekken 7 Powered by Unreal Engine 4

Namco Bandai are the latest to announce they are using Unreal Engine 4, this time for Tekken 7, the next installment in the storied Tekken franchise. Katsuhiro Harada, TEKKEN series Executive Producer/Game Director at BANDAI NAMCO had this to say:

The power and flexibility means that we can focus our efforts on making TEKKEN 7 the best possible game without worrying about spending time creating a stand-alone graphic engine. With Unreal Engine 4, we could rapidly achieve visual quality expected on next-gen platform and go beyond it. Not only is Unreal Engine 4 powerful and easy to use, but it allows us to immediately bring TEKKEN 7 to any platform we desire.

Taka Kawasaki, Studio Head at Epic Games Japan, states:

The Tekken franchise is beloved and we couldn't be more excited to be working with the talented team at BANDAI NAMCO. This marriage is perfect - the most powerful engine in gaming along with one of the most enduring brands in fighting games. We have no doubt that these forces coming together will yield fantastic results.