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No Editor For Bulletstorm

A forum post

by Epic Games' Community Coordinator confirms that the Unreal Editor will not ship with the PC version of Bulletstorm.

In Bulletstorm, we would have had to make modifications to the Unreal Editor to account for the skillshot system. We spent years developing the skillshot system and carefully balancing weapons, and it was a resource matter - make an editor we can ship with the game or keep polishing Bulletstorm for release.

Epic maintains the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) for people who would like to work with our game development toolset. We regularly release free, updated versions that include the latest additions to the engine. UDK *is* Unreal Engine 3 - plus it comes with sample content that can be used to make standalone games. Epic's engine team makes hundreds of improvements to the engine every month and UDK is the best way for developers to keep on top of the latest technology. UDK ships with the gorgeous visual features seen in Bulletstorm - Unreal Lightmass global illumination, light shafts (a.k.a. god beams), dynamic lighting and shadowing, and so much more.

In all fairness, Bulletstorm doesn't have a straightforward competitive game mode that lends itself well to simple arena style maps. On the other hand, everyone that wants an editor isn't exactly just looking to work with the toolset - they're interested in creating content for that particular game.

What's your opinion?