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Shadow Complex Breaks XBLA Records

According to a press release, Epic Games'/Chair's sales for

Shadow Complex

haven't been too shabby since its release on XBLA:

Latest from Epic Games and Chair Entertainment Introduces New Era of Downloadable Games on Xbox LIVE Arcade®

On August 19, Chair Entertainment, a subsidiary of Epic Games, Inc, and Microsoft Corp. delivered the next evolution in downloadable games with the launch of “Shadow Complex™” exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade®.

Officially recorded as the most downloaded single-player title in Xbox LIVE Arcade history to date, more than 200,000 people purchased “Shadow Complex” in the first week of its release.

In addition to exceeding sales expectations, “Shadow Complex” continues to garner outstanding critical acclaim. Awarding the game a perfect 5/5 score, Gamespy said "the game offers plenty of reason to play it more than once" and advises their readers that "this is a game not to be missed." “Shadow Complex” also received a perfect 5/5 from G4TV, which commented “you really cannot have more immediate, satisfying fun than this game right now.” In its 9.4/10 review, IGN states they "found it very difficult to stop playing" and recommended gamers "go buy this game."

“Congratulations to Chair Entertainment and Epic Games for creating an outstanding game,” said Scott Austin, director of digitally distributed games at Microsoft. “As the capstone title of the second annual Summer of Arcade program, “Shadow Complex” has raised the bar for downloadable games. We’re proud to offer such high-quality content on Xbox LIVE Arcade.”

"We're really flattered by all the great things fans and critics have said about Shadow Complex," said Dr. Michael Capps, president of Epic Games. "Chair's goal was to make a gorgeous game with tons of action, addictive challenges, and a great sense of exploration – and they knocked it out of the park. We’re so proud to have Shadow Complex join the Epic portfolio. If you haven’t already downloaded it on Xbox LIVE, give the demo a try."