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UT3 "Hacker" Melee Weapon Released

Straight from Fraghouse comes a melee weapon modification that promises to bring lots more gore and fun to UT3. Hacker

can be downloaded

(833 KB) from BeyondUnreal FileWorks and the description and tasty screenshots can be found below.

"Designed as a reinstatement of a blade-based melee weapon for the Tournament (and replacing the Impact Hammer), the Liandri Hacker is a durable tarydium-powered mining tool that can cut through tough materials with little to no resistance, including flesh. Primary fire initialises the high-speed circular saw, whereas secondary fire engages the rubble-clearing electrical discharge, which is powerful enough to launch vehicles around and destroy them in two or three hits. The resulting [configurable] recoil will also propel the user backwards, and so can be used to "hop" across great distances."