At the end of the day, we can only look back and learn from our mistakes and folleys. UA was a massive project with about half the staffing required to complete it. In the 6 years now that this project has been in and out of development, I can only look back and wonder what could have happened if things had been done differently.

The biggest problem overall is that we're not a professional team. I can't threaten to fire people if they don't work, and I can't expect professional quality work. The best I can hope for is for progress, in any form. Furthermore, the larger problem in the Unreal community is that there are too many mods with not enough people. there was never a time when I could sit back and say to myself "Wow, we're fully staffed". I fear this may be creating a further mentality that almost no mods make it, because it's sadly true with things moving the way they do.

While UA may not have made a solid release, I do like to think it was a success. Progress may have halted with UT07 around the corner, but the mod itself hit a state where it did get released, and with all the assets public, I can only hope people finish what we have started.

Unreal Annihilation Screenshot