Here is the third and final part of the Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror team interview. The first part was an introduction to the team, and the second part asks them about pranks and gaming.

In the third part, I ask them all about being part of the team that developed TO:AoT. I ask about the Good and the Bad of creating TO:AoT, and try to give you a good wrap up on this slightly off-topic interview.

larrystorch: What has been the most satisfying part of working on Tac-Ops?

Christopher Norton: Being able to be a part of the TO team in general has been very satisfying. Otherwise, it's really gratifying to be able to test a map and ensure that it's bug free throughout it's development and still a solid map when it's released to the public.

CoCoPRo: meeting Strac :p

Deyan Ninov: It made me learn 3Dstudio Max, and of course working with the TO team, which is just great.

Dr. Crowbar: Getting to know the people on the team and in the community. They're great people.

duck: Making the game bug free and help improve gameplay.

daz: Making comments about maps and the mapper changing them for me. I can say "...I did that " but workin on tac ops is pretty cool though (when I ain't got probs :O( )

Arnold Kruize: The ongoing improvement.

EMH_Mark3: Uhm I don't know.. The people who make up the team I guess :)

eXpendabLe: Teamwork. If only the TO community could see the level of activity and dedication the TO team put into this latest release, they would simply be amazed. I'm proud to have been able to work with these guys.. They really did an outstanding job.

Janis Bode: The happy fans, longing for a new version!!!!

Kai Kirchner: Interresting and confusing IRC conversations, seeing some of you suggestions implemented, and bugs you reported fixed.

Goldabar: Working as a part of a team and pulling a game together over the internet has been great and extremely satisfying. Its unbelievable how a bunch of guys thrown together, who haven't even met in real life, can put a game together in the space of just a few months. I think as a team we've done well :)

j3rky: The holidays.

Jestah: Working with the mappers, and having your own ideas implemented.

job: Delivered peanuts and creative irc nights

Tim Crowley: Just the fact that I'm on the Team, It's been a dream of mine ever since I downloaded the MOD back in the days of 1.2

Antti Päätalo: Let help the other team there many guys like Jester who were working his ass off with this one!=)

Rich Black: Walking about the office, laughing at how ugly humans can get. And the expectation of seeing my work in a shiny box.

Timo Kuttenkeuler: seeing it grow, from a bugy piece of code to the game you will see

Toby Rees: Getting positive feedback from people who genuinely enjoy the game.

Jason Hipps: Dealing with the people.

Nassau: Seeing my HARD work being released and put into the hands of the public.

Poneill: Seeing my work being part of a superb game.

R4V3R: Getting great feedback from the team about my work :)

rojazz: Knowing that people are actually interested in something I had a part in.

ScHlAuChi: Being a part of the great team, and Work on such a cool product like TO :) And of course to see all the fans playing it ;)

Shag: Working on a project from start to finish, it's been a long road, but very exciting. Also, I can't wait to see the box in the shops in France.

Jack Gilson: Watching the game go Gold after 2 years of work

Strac: Being able to help make it a better game and input your own ideas directly.

Stuart: Being able to work over the internet as a team has been satisfying. It's not an easy thing to do but the fact we are able to do it is something I'm happy with