BU: It's your turn in the hot seat, Zaccix. Time to open up your life to the BU clientele. Let's start out by asking you how/where you got your nickname?Zaccix: I thought my mum named me this...no, wait. No, I got this name while signing up for Westwood Online. "Zac" was already taken, so after a bit of thinking (during which time many brain cells lost their lives) I combined "Zac" and "Asterix" (a favourite comic character of mine) to get "Zaccix". My real name is "Aleks" though, just to clear any confusion (or quite possibly add to it).BU: Tell us a bit about your childhood, Zac. What are some of the fonder memories you have of growing up in merry 'ol Croatia?Zaccix: Hmm, well, taking into account that I was brought up in London, not many. :) I did get the nick "Zac" over there though, and to this day I don't know why. If anyone over there who knew me in 1990 does know, please get in touch. It's doing my head in! :)BU: Do you have any brothers or sisters? Some dirty laundry to share?Zaccix: I have a brother, called Vladimir, who is nicknamed "Fox" because I bought him a Tails the Fox soft toy when he was little and my mum thought they both looked sweet. You can puke now. ;)