Just ONE more, barkeep? BU: Heya, Tetris_L. How'd you get so damned tall (6'8"), anyway? Are you some sort of circus freak? Tetris_L: First of all: I'm 2.03m, not 6'8". Learn to measure in proper units. :p My parents tried to sell me to one of these traveling freak shows once, but heights above 1.90m have become quite common among young males in Northern Germany these day, which kinda ruined the prices. So my parents decided to keep me.BU: Ok, now that you're off guard, tell us a little about your younger years, Tetris_L. You said you're from Germany. How was it growing up there during a time that culminated with the Berlin wall coming down?Tetris_L: I'm a happy middle-class kid that grew up in the countryside. Spent my childhood playing in the woods. ("Cowboys & Indians" with the boys and "You show me your's, I show you mine" with the girls.) ;) Nothing spectacular, really.BU: What got you started in computer gaming?Tetris_L: When I was 12-ish or so, computers got popular. A bunch of boys sitting around an Atari, Spectrum ZX81, or Commodore 64 with 2 joysticks batteling it out on splitscreen. Aaahhh .... those were the days. At the age of 14 I got my first Commodore 64 which I still own today.BU: How did you end up with the nickname 'Tetris_L', an obvious reference to that troublesome rogue of a block shape in the game 'Tetris'? Do you consider yourself a bit of a troublesome rogue?Tetris_L: Rogue? Me? No way! ;) As some may remember I used to go by the name of "Cleaner" for a long time (in reference to Luc Besson's movie "Leon"). But the name sounded too wannabe-hardcore and there were too many Cleaners around online. So I dropped it. I had that other nickname, which I registered for a bit of smacktalk with CliffyB when there was a funny poll on GameSpy "CliffyB vs. the L-shaped Tetris Block". I kept using that nick, so what was meant to be only a joke and temporary became permanent. Meanwhile I like the nickname a lot because it is abstract and unique.