The Real Larry Storch BU: Hey, larry. I just ate a HUGE plate of Kung Pao chicken (spiceh!), so I guess it's time for the interview. You ready? larrystorch: And you didn't get me some Szechuan Bean Curd or Ma Po Tofu? Beeeotch!!! Bring me something, or I won't talk. Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!BU: What do you do in RealLife(tm), larry? larrystorch: I use Pro/Engineer to design driveline parts in the agricultural/automotive industry. My main purpose for being at the company I work for is to redo ALL the parts, assemblies and drawings that were done in the old 2D CAD system into Pro-E. That entails hundreds of parts and thousands of drawings. Besides that, I help out the product engineers with new projects, and for some reason, I've become the Pro-E answerman (uuughh!). Outside of work, I tend to keep to myself, holed up in my house. BU: Hmmmm, larrystorch, larrystorch.... Now, why in the world would you name yourself after the guy who played Corporal Raldolph Agarn in 'F-Troop'? larrystorch: It all started at a joke while playing Quake2 (CTF, Rocket Arena, Action Quake & Weapons Factory). My friends and I were taking on goof names for a joke. I picked larrystorch remembering that in a "Milk & Cheese" comic, they were playing "No-talent Celebrity Tag" and the big punchline was "Tag, your Larry Storch" "Hey, we said no F-Troop". I was all hopped up on caffiene and sugar, so I changed my name to larrystorch for the night, and it just kinda stuck. It's turned into a good agecheck while playing online over the years, only old farts tend to know who he is.