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Frag.Ops is a semi-realistic first-person shooter that takes place in a fictional near-future universe. Players can choose between two teams, Special Ops and Mercenaries, each with different goals and weaponry. Unlike many “terrorism” shooters, neither team in Frag.Ops is the clear “bad guy” – great care has been taken to show different perspectives of the conflict as seen through the eyes of each side. In Frag.Ops, there is no good or evil – only the mission.

Frag.Ops Screenshot

Frag.Ops' fast pace and objective-based gameplay provide a unique and adrenaline-packed experience. With solid level design and atmosphere as seen in maps like the eerie MIS-Blizzard, dynamic movement, RPG-like advancement, and customizable bass-heavy weapons, Frag.Ops is an action fan's dream! To raise the bar even higher, FO is also the pioneer of WYSIWYG aiming, choosing a fully physical recoil system over aim-error or “conefire.” Hardcore twitch play is what this shooter is all about!

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