Unreal Tournament 2004
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Atari The staff at BeyondUnreal has taken a different approach to reviewing UT2004 than many other game sites. First and most importantly, we took the time to play, and re-play, the game. Most of us found it astounding that, within a day or two of release, some game sites thought they knew enough about the game to post their reviews. How silly, considering the incredible volume of new content to be covered!While many of us had the game on release day or within a day or two after, we took our time playing through all of the maps, in all of the gametypes, even completing the single player ladder, in an effort to provide you with a review of UT2004 that is steeped in several hundreds of hours of gameplay.After reviewing all of the comments provided, it became apparent that we had six 'mini-reviews' prepared, and that each of them in their entirety comprised a unique perspective on the game. Rather than try to combine them into a single review, we felt it might be more useful for you to be able to read what each of us felt about UT2004. So, without further delay, here's what Raffi_B, hal, RaptoR, Sparky, Prophetus and I had to say, and enjoy the 31 super high-res screenshots contained within (modem users, the full versions of some of the pics are up to more than 1/2 meg in size).