Unreal Tournament 2004
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Atari SummaryI think it's fair to say that the BeyondUnreal team is pretty stoked about UT2004. The improvements made address many of the issues we've had about the game in the past. There's a feeling of completeness, smoothness and polish to UT2004 that simply didn't exist in the 2K3 version of the game, and the addition of a much improved Assault game mode as well as Onslaught make UT2004 much more than a cleaned up retread of a previously released game. UT2004 is simply one of the finest gaming experiences you get buy today, and with the extraordinary editing support you find on the SE disk, as well as on the web (Unreal Wiki, for example), it's a game that will easily bridge us to the 'next big thing' out of Epic!