Florent "JackOneill" Guillaume was kind enough to give us the skinny on the upcoming UT2003 Aliens verus Humans mod, Atlantis.

First Off, Can you introduce your mod and yourself?
     My name is Florent Guillaume aka JackOneill. I am the leader of the team behind Atlantis. Atlantis is a multiplayer modification for UT2003, teamplay oriented, opposing two different races fighting for earth. On one hand, there are humans trying to survive, and on the other hand Atlanteans willing to invade earth.

What are the main differences between the two races?
     There will be huge gameplay differences if you play as Human or as an Atlantean. The main one comes from the unique arsenal they’ll be using. According to the team you’ve chosen, you will use a different arsenal. For example, humans will use modern weapons such as Mp5s or HK G-36. Those weapons will have different variables such as accuracy, recoil, rof, etc… By the way, weapons won’t have an extreme realistic behavior.      Atlanteans won’t have “realistic” weapons but high tech ones based on energy. All weapons will have a different behavior and features and will be more specific as human ones. They will differ by the kind of energy they use (plasma, laser, heat, wind, etc…), what they shot, how they reload (energy cells, heating, etc…), and also some special abilities like targeting. We’re going to release the Atlanteans weapon list very soon.

Are there any differences in the physical characteristics (speed, jumping, etc) of the races?
     Yes there are. We tried to limit the amount and importance of those physical differences in order to keep everything balanced. So, both sides have good and weak points. For example, Atlanteans are bigger because of their “four knees”, which allow them to jump and fall a bit higher, but are easier targets because of their size. So, there are many small differences, which always have good and weak points. Instead of doing two very different races, it spices the gameplay bringing some small details.

On your site, you have a fairly in-depth story - how will that be shown in the game?
     The storyline we have on our site is mainly an introduction to the universe of Atlantis. To explain people about the two teams and the reasons which led to that situation. But the story is also the base of map scenarios. Indeed, maps have all a storyline referring to events and taking place into the main story of the mod. We’re thinking about an option, which could work as a ladder in mp and have multiple ways. But that option isn’t decided yet and we should keep the storyline for maybe a single player mod later.

How will the weapon loadout screen be used in game?
     The loadout screen will represent the player’s inventory. Each player can take two weapons (primary and secondary weapons) and one item. He’ll be able to manage his inventory in the inventory zone, in other words the team start point.

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