Can you give us an overview of the map styles that will be in the game?
     Maps will all take place on earth, which in 2006 has become a battlefield between both races. I can already announce you some environments you’ll visit in the first public beta. One of them is taking place somewhere in an Asian jungle where a B-52 (carrying very important information) has been shot down by Atlanteans gliders. Another will bring players in scientist lab somewhere in Alaska. You’ll be also visiting an underwater complex, an Arab city, etc… So a big variety of places.

How do you feel about Epic's upcoming mod contest? Will you be entering Atlantis in the contest?
     I think the contest is a very good idea, and also another proof of Epic involvement toward the community. Yes Atlantis will enter the challenge, but our goal is before all to produce a mod not doing a technical demo. We shouldn’t do any specific version of the mod for the contest, nor working on a different schedule for it. We will show Epic what we’re able to do, and we’ll do our best for that. They will judge about our skills and if we have to be rewarded for our work.

How do you feel about the state of the UT2003 mod community?
     The community is very active and healthy. There are many good projects, and I think the community has some of the most talented modders. Also, the community is very friendly and we have very good relations with other mod teams and leaders. We’re often helping each other when someone meet problems. The reason may be that the community has already some years of existence and we know each other for a long time.

Any closing remarks?
     I’d just like to thank you with the whole team for the interview and the good questions you asked ! Thanks to the fans too for supporting us. It’s much appreciated.

I bet you just can't wait for this mod to hit the download servers can you? Be sure to check out Atlantis' HomePage to make certain that you know everything there is to know about this mod!


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