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Unreal Tournament 2004 Essential Files

Latest Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch

The latest version of Unreal Tournament 2004 for Windows/Linux/Mac is version 3369, released on December 2nd 2005.

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Got the ECE (Editor's Choice) Bonus Pack?

UT2004 Latest Links

These links will always point to the latest UT2004 patch for various Operating Systems:

Official Unreal Tournament 2004 Bonus Content

The following bonus content is available for UT2004:
  • UT2004 Mega Pack
    • This pack contains UT2004 Patch v3369, the ECE Bonus Content, and also several new maps. Featured are five Assault, two CTF, and two DeathMatch maps, not including the previously released ECE content. Check BeyondUnreal's guide for more information about the UT2004 Mega Pack.

  • UT2004 Editors Choice Bonus Pack (1.1)
    • This pack contains three new vehicles (Cicada, Paladin and SPMA), as well as four new ONS levels (ONS-Adara, ONS-IslandHop, ONS-Tricky and ONS-Urban). It also adds bonus vehicle versions of the stock UT2004 ONS levels and six new characters with which to play. Linux/Mac users can unzip this file, delete the System/user.ini and Help/UT2004Logo.bmp files (as well as any .dlls or .exes), then copy the rest of the files to their installation (thanks Ryan Gordon). Note: you can find the original 3323-compatible bonus pack here for historical purposes. We recommend you use the version linked above (1.1), however.

  • UT2004 Community Bonus Pack 2 Volume 1
    • This pack contains a whopping 21 new maps, four new characters and a new mutator, created by some of the most talented members of the Unreal community.

  • UT2004 Community Bonus Pack 2 Volume 2
    • This pack contains 20 new maps, four new characters and two new mutators, created by some of the most talented members of the Unreal community.

  • Community Bonus Pack 1 - UT2004 Re-Release
    • This map pack is re-release of the critically acclaimed Community Bonus Pack - originally released for Unreal Tournament 2003. All of the maps have been converted in one way or another, from very subtle changes to new layouts and designs, along with various bug fixes. Includes one bonus map.

  • UT2004 Bonus Onslaught Maps
    • This bonus pack contains two new Onslaught maps - ONS-Ascendancy and ONS-Aridoom.

  • UT2004 '0wnage' Maps
    • This BeyondUnreal FileWorks category contains maps that have received Epic's '0wnage' award.

  • Epic Bonus Map: DM-Forbidden
    • David Spalinski of Epic Games has teamed up with community mapper Warbeast this DM map set on an airship high above a city


Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo

The UT2004 demo contains five maps from the full version: AS-Convoy, BR-Colossus, CTF-BridgeOfFate, DM-Rankin and ONS-Torlan.

UT2004 Dedicated Server

Note: you'll need to get a dedicated server key in order to advertise your UT2004 dedicated server to the official master server list and be included in UT2004 stats.