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Unreal Tournament 2003 Essential Files

Essential Files Wizard

Just bought Unreal Tournament 2003 and want to start playing online, or running a server? Use the form below and we'll give you a list of the files you need to get going.

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Note: you do not need to own a copy of UT2003 to run a dedicated server.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo

Use the BeyondUnreal download links below to download the UT2003 demo for Windows or Linux.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Retail Patches

Use the BeyondUnreal download links below to download official UT 2003 patches for Windows, Linux or Macintosh (Retail game only).

Epic Games recommends that Linux users run "loki_update" in the "updater" folder wherever you installed UT2003. The latest patch for Linux is available now via the updater. However, if you would like to do a manual upgrade, you must install the following patches in the correct order.
  1. Download UT2003 Patch 2107-2126 for Linux
  2. Download UT2003 Patch 2126-2136 for Linux
  3. Download UT2003 Patch 2136-2166 for Linux
  4. Download UT2003 Patch 2166-2186 for Linux
  5. Download UT2003 Patch 2186-2199 for Linux
  6. Download UT2003 Patch 2225 Patch for Linux
Again, we recommend you use the Linux UT2003's built-in auto updater.

UT2003 Updated Installer and 2225.1 Patch for Macintosh

Unreal Tournament 2003 Standalone Server

Use the BeyondUnreal download links below to download the official UT 2003 standalone server for Windows or Linux. Note: you'll need to get a valid dedicated server key, available here.

Linux Installers

We're proud to host Shane Bayer's excellent Linux installers for UT2003's Epic Bonus Pack One, Digital Extremes' Bonus Pack and the Community Bonus Pack.

Miscellaneous Files

Use the following files to further enhance your UT 2003 gaming experience!

For video demos of Unreal Tournament 2003, check out our video demos page.