BeyondUnreal: Will WarPath be packaged with a release of UnrealEd (or perhaps WarPathEd) to facilitate map creation?

Z: Initially we were going to wait to see what kind of community Warpath generated. If there were a large number of modders and a demand for tools within the community then we were going to release a map editor with all the ingame assets. But, we decided to put it in from the get go and allow people to jump right in and personalize the game from the outset.

BeyondUnreal: Will the PC and Xbox versions of WarPath come with the MAP Editor that Pariah was shipped with, which was basically an in-game version of UnrealEd (or PariahEd)?

Z: With the PC edition we have included a modified version of the Unreal Ed. geared specifically for Warpath, as for the Xbox, unfortunately there will be no editor. But with over 20 maps available in game, we are sure gamers will find plenty of diversity in terms of environments both in size and theme. Plus there is talk of providing additional downloadable content for the Xbox Live community to keep things fresh in the long run.

BeyondUnreal: Will a Dedicated Server package be released for WarPath? If so, will it be compatible with both Linux and Windows?

Z: There is a dedicated server set up built into the game for both PC and Xbox, so players can run a dedicated server right out of the box. It will not however be compatible with Linux.

BeyondUnreal: Will WarPath be moddable on PC, including the addition of Mutators and GameType mods such as is possible with the Unreal series and many games built on the Unreal Engine?

Z: Well, you guys certainly seem interested in the editors and mods (laughs). The gaming community has definitely evolved. For us to ignore that evolution and deny people that ability of customizing our core product I think would be foolish. Warpath will be moddable on PC in the same fashion as the majority of other games built on the Unreal engine.

Based on the answers to these questions (which, after doing some work in modding Pariah, hold a special and dear place in my heart) it seems like WarPath is going to be more "Unreal Engine" and less "Something Else". This can only mean good things. WarPath is built on the same generation of the Unreal Engine as UT2004 is, and includes many special effects that were left out of UT2004. Mod creation could be better than great for it.

We'd like to thank Zandro Chan for answering our quesiton and wish Groove Games all the luck in the world in getting WarPath out to consumers. I, for one, will be at the counter clutching my cash as the nerdy-looking cashier rings me up on the release date and I get to work modding the living crap out of it. WarPath retails in the US later this month at the budget price point of $29.99 MSRP for Xbox and $19.99 MSRP for PC. There has been no word on a European release as of yet.