Isaac "SBD]{illerGreenBud", sent in an extremely well put togehter article on how to bind UT2003's Taunts to keys. If you've found this useful, be sure to fire off an email.

Note: Demo Taunts maybe obsolete with The Official Game Release.


  • You must be comfortable with making changes to your User.ini file. This is not an ini tutorial.
  • Choose a speech taunt you would like to bind to a key.
  • Choose a key to bind that speech taunt.
  • Copy the code I have in the table below that corresponds with the speech taunt you want.
  • Paste into your User.ini file next to the key you have chosen with an equals sign in front of it.


A=speech friendlyfire 1

If those instructions make no sense to you then you should not be making changes to your .ini files. A lot of other people have done some hard work making WebPages about editing your ini files, so go do a Google search.

Taunt Code Taught Saying
=Speech Ack 0 "Affirmative"
=Speech Ack 1 "Got It"
=Speech Ack 2 "I'm On It"
=Speech Ack 3 "Roger"
=Speech Friendlyfire 0 "I'm On Your Team!"
=Speech Friendlyfire 1 "I'm On Your Team, Idiot!"
=Speech Friendlyfire 2 "Same Team!"
=Speech FriendlyfireAbbrev 1 "Your Team, Idiot!"
=Speech Taunt 0 "And Stay Down"
=Speech Taunt 1 "Anyone Else Want Some?"
=Speech Taunt 2 "Boom!"
=Speech Taunt 3 "BURN Baby"
=Speech Taunt 4 "Die Bitch"
=Speech Taunt 5 "Eat THAT"
=Speech Taunt 6 "You Fight Like Nali"
=Speech Taunt 7 "Is That Your Best?"
=Speech Taunt 8 "Kiss My Ass"
=Speech Taunt 9 "Loser"
=Speech Taunt 10 "MY House"
=Speech Taunt 11 "Next!"
=Speech Taunt 12 "Oh YEAH!"
=Speech Taunt 13 "Ownage"
=Speech Taunt 14 "Seeya"
=Speech Taunt 15 "That HAD To Hurt"
=Speech Taunt 16 "Useless"
=Speech Taunt 17 "You Play Like A Girl"
=Speech Taunt 18 "You Be Dead"
=Speech Taunt 19 "You Like That?"
=Speech Taunt 20 "You Whore"
=Speech Taunt 21 "Life Is Pain, Get Over It"
=Speech Taunt 22 "Right Between The Eyes"
=Speech Taunt 23 "Tag 'Em And Bag 'Em"
=Speech Taunt 24 "That Was Nasty"
=Speech Taunt 25 "You Bleed Better Then You Shoot"
=Speech Taunt 26 "You Suck"
=Speech Order 0 "Defend The Base"
=Speech Order 1 "Hold This Position"
=Speech Order 2 "Assault The Base"
=Speech Order 3 "Cover Me"
=Speech Order 4 "Search And Destroy"
=Speech Order 10 "Take Their Flag"
=Speech Order 11 "Defend The Flag"
=Speech OrderAbbrev 0 "Defend"
=Speech OrderAbbrev 1 "Attack"
=Speech Other 0 "Base Is Undefended!"
=Speech Other 1 "Somebody Get Our Flag Back!"
=Speech Other 2 "I've Got The Flag"
=Speech Other 3 "I've Got Your Back"
=Speech Other 4 "I'm Hit!"
=Speech Other 5 "Man Down!"
=Speech Other 6 "I'm All Alone Here"
=Speech Other 7 "Negative!"
=Speech Other 8 "I've Got Our Flag"
=Speech Other 9 "I'm In Position %l"
=Speech Other 10 "I'm Going In!"
=Speech Other 11 "Area Is Secure"
=Speech Other 12 "Enemy Flag Carrier Is %l"
=Speech Other 13 "I Need Some Backup"
=Speech Other 14 "Incoming!"
=Speech Other 15 "Enemy Ball Carrier Is %l"
=Speech Other 16 "Alpha Secure!"
=Speech Other 17 "Bravo Secure!"
=Speech Other 18 "Attack Alpha"
=Speech Other 19 "Attack Bravo"
=Speech Other 20 "The Base Is Under Attack %l"
=Speech Other 21 "We're Being Overrun %l!"
=Speech Other 22 "Under Heavy Attack %l"
=Speech Other 23 "Defend Point Alpha"
=Speech Other 24 "Defend Point Bravo"
=Speech Other 25 "Get The Ball"
=Speech Other 26 "I'm On Defense"
=Speech Other 27 "I'm On Offense"
=Speech Other 28 "Take Point Alpha"
=Speech Other 29 "Take Point Bravo"
=Speech Other 30 "Medic"
=Speech Other 31 "Nice"
=Speech Other 32 "I Can't Feel My Legs"
=Speech Other 33 "Nice Shot"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 1 "Get Our flag!"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 2 "Got The Flag"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 3 "Got Your Back"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 6 "All Alone!"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 8 "Got Our Flag"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 9 "In Position"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 12 "Enemy Flag Carrier Here"
=Speech OtherAbbrev 15 "Enemy Ball Carrier Here"

There you have it, thanks to Isaac "SBD]{illerGreenBud", you've got yourselves a rather comprehensive list of the taunts which shipped with the Demo. Good luck!