Having trouble working out the exact combinations for the 'Adrenaline Moves' in the UT2003 Demo? Can't figure out how people are bouncing off walls, and jumping great distances? Well, I've taken the liberty of making this short but swell guide which'll get you on your way to ownage. I've also included some rather useful and commonly requested 'Console commands' most of which can only be used in Instant Action as they'd be classified as cheats online.

Adrenaline Moves

  • Invisiblity - Right Strafe, Right Strafe, Left Strafe, Left Strafe.
  • Berserk - Forward, Forward, Back, Back.
  • Booster - Back, Back, Back, Back.
  • Speed - Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward.

Special Moves

  • Double Jump - Jump and then press jump again in the arc of the jump.
  • Dodge - Tap Left, right, forward or back twice.
  • Dodge Jump - Perform a dodge, and jump just before you lose your air.
  • Wall Jump - Double jump alongside a wall and quickly dodge in the opposite direction. This is actually pretty hard and takes some practice.

Console Commands

  • God - God Mode (Instant Action only).
  • AllWeapons - Gives you all the weapons avaliable in the demo (Instant Action only).
  • Allammo - Gives you max ammo for all the weapons (Instant Action only).
  • Loaded - All weapons and ammo, added bounus of max Adrenalin (Instant Action only).
  • Fly - Lets you fly around the map, much like spectator mode (Instant Action only).
  • Ghost - Allows you to clip through the map (Instant Action only).
  • Walk - Resets back to default from either fly or ghost.
  • Set WeaponFire FireRate 0.1 - Most weapons will fire at Minigun rate (Instant Action only).
  • Set Input Q PlayersOnly - Pressing Q (toggle) will pause AI, great for screenshots (Instant Action only).
  • Stat Fps - Displays frames per second information.
  • Stat Net - Displays Network information.
  • Behindview 1 - 3rd person view.
  • Behindview 0 - Defaults back to first person.
  • Preferences - Brings up the advanced options menu.
  • Open 'ip address' - Connects to an online server.
  • Exit - Quits the game.

Missing something? Feel free to shoot me an email.