Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably have heard about UT Jailbreak. You haven't? Well it's a mod that lets you and your friends frag each other on opposing teams. But instead of respawning after death, you end up in jail. That's right, your in the slammer until one of your mates can spring you. But if your entire team is captured, you all end up dying a horrible death, with everyone having a front row seat of justice being served.

Along with with the basics of busting your mates out of jail, their are several mutators that'll add spice to your game. The Arena pits a convict from each team against each other to see who is the better fighter, with the winner given parole. JBFatboy makes convicts get thinner the longer they sit in jail, while llamas gain weight. The newest mutator, JBHammer lets you frag your cellmates and gives you better weapons as time goes on. There are more JB specific mutators, but your here for the interview, So I'll shut my trap and let some of the team members chat it up.

larrystorch: Rollcall!!! Who are you, where are you from, what's you responsibility?

NYGrrrl: Sioux Blue aka NYGrrrl -- voice acting -- announcer grrl :-)

Snowdog: I'm Snowdog, I live in the Netherlands and I create maps for Jailbreak.

tarquin: tarquin, UK, mapper and beta-tester.

Mychaeel: My name is Mychaeel, or Mych, or Michael in real life, and I'm currently studying physics in Munich/Germany (together with ElBundee, as it happens). I'm coding for Jailbreak.

Sexmachine: Hi! My name is Sexmachine and I'm a 32 year old male from Frankfurt/Germany. I am part of the "beta testing and bug hunting" team since the word of developing JB3 came up.

El Bundee: My name is Matthias and I study physics in Germany. I've made the HUD graphics and scripted most of the HUD stuff for Jailbreak III (except for the scoreboard which is made by Mychaeel). I also contributed the conversion of KGalleons and custom Jailbreak maps which are not in the release. Last but not least I introduced Mychaeel to Daikiki's first version of Jailbreak... ;-)

larrystorch: How many people make up the UT Jailbreak team?

Mychaeel: Ten people contributed content for Jailbreak III, three coders and nine mappers. Those, plus twelve beta testers are the team that created Jailbreak III.

larrystorch: How did you get involved with UT Jailbreak?

NYGrrrl: Daikiki and Mychaeel locked me up sometime during the coding of UTJB3.

Snowdog: It started with a request from a coder named Mugsy, he mailed me wether I would like to do maps for his mod (it was still in alpha phase back then). I made a map, and after a while he mailed me there was another Jailbreak mod for UT in development, namely Daikiki's one. Mugsy and Daikiki decided to work on the mod together, and I started mapping for the Jailbreak we now all know and love :-)

tarquin: Last year, after months of living with no harddisk space at all, I finally got 30 GB. To celebrate, Chundah and I downloaded a ton of mods, and JB was an instant favourite. I took to playing on the Mothership server, and one day in IRC QAPete suggested I try making a map for it... that was JB-Pressurized. When development for JB3 started all the JB mappers were invited into the core development forum, and I was sucked into the JB vortex...

Mychaeel: ElBundee got me interested in Unreal Tournament first, and a short while later in UTJB whose first version had been released not too long ago at that time. Then, Daikiki made a call for beta testers for UTJB2, and El urged me to send in an application myself. Daikiki had demanded that applicants for beta testing proved that they could write comprehensible English by sending him a "bug report" about... well, anything we could come up with. So, at last, I sat down and wrote a lengthy text about our local public transit system, describing how Subway objects are occasionally reset server-side, with a considerable loss of client-side resources, if used with improperly instantiated Ticket objects. Daikiki turned out to share my twisted geek humor, and so I was in for beta-testing UTJB2.

Sexmachine: In early 2001 I was searching the web to collect as many mods (for every existing first person shooter) as possible. The one mod I found, that really hit me in the face was UTJB and so I joined their community.

El Bundee: I found Daikiki's Jailbreak website while surfing UT sites shortly after his first release of the mod. There were only the four maps which came with UTJB at this time and one custom map. I liked the idea and gameplay of this mod and decided to make another map. I never released a map before and JB-Phasma actually was the first map I finished. For the monsters in this map I also wrote a few scripts which later became the JBSpecials package wich comes with Jailbreak since UTJB2.