The Unreal II multiplayer road has been a long and bumpy one. The project was abandoned in March 2002 when it was announced that Unreal II would feature single-player action only. It seemed that all hope of Legend's revolutionary Expanded Multiplayer gametype ever seeing the light of day had faded. Over a year passed, and after some hinting and speculation, it was finally confirmed in July 2003 that Legend would release Expanded Multiplayer (shortened to 'XMP') as a free download for owners of Unreal II.

Here at BeyondUnreal, we've been lucky enough to preview the latest beta version of XMP, and we've been extremely impressed with what we've seen so far. XMP successfully translates Unreal II's style into the multiplayer arena, while adding some very unique gameplay twists; and delivers much more than anyone could have hoped from a simple multiplayer add-on. So head onto the next page and take a look at the game that's delivering a breath of fresh air to the Unreal franchise.