Disclaimer: This doesn't enable proper support for the Redeemer and doesn't work in online play... it just gives you a little taste of what we can expect from the Redeemer in the full game. As for the Ion Cannon Effects, all it does is show you what the Ion Cannon explosion will look like in the full game.

In addition, if you screw up any of your INI files while trying to do anything documented here, just delete the file and UT will generate a new one for you.

Epic may have disabled the Redeemer itself in the UT2003 demo, however the models and actors that make up the 'deemer still remain in the game. Here's a handy little INI tweak which will turn your Rocket Launcher into a (rather crappy) makeshift Redeemer. First, open your User.ini file, found in your UT2003Demo/System directory. Find the line starting 'x=' (you can use any key if you like, but here we're going to use X). Now replace the contents of that line with this:

x=set xweapons.rocketlauncherPickup PickupMessage You got the Redeemer! | set xweapons.rocketlauncher FireModeClass Class'XWeapons.RedeemerFire' | set xweapons.rocketlauncherPickup StaticMesh StaticMesh'WeaponStaticMesh.RedeemerPickup' | set XWeapons.RedeemerFire AmmoClass Class'XWeapons.RocketAmmo' | set xweapons.rocketlauncher Mesh SkeletalMesh'Weapons.Redeemer_1st' | set xweapons.rocketlauncher AttachmentClass Class'XWeapons.RedeemerAttachment'| set xweapons.rocketlauncher PlayerViewOffset (X=7,Y=2,Z=-7.75) | set xweapons.rocketlauncher DrawScale 0.4

Now start up UT2003 and start an 'Instant Action' offline game. Hit the X key, then pick up a Rocket Launcher and voila, it's turned into a Redeemer and now fires nuclear warheads. This only lasts one match, and so if you start another game the Rocket Launcher will fire regular rockets again, and look normal.

If you want your makeshift Redeemer to fire guided warheads, just search the code above for...


... and replace it with...


As well as (sort of) summoning the new Redeemer, you can also summon the new Ion Cannon effect using the command...

summon XEffects.NewIonEffect

You'll want to map a key to the playersonly console command before doing this ('set input Q playersonly' would make the Q button freeze/unfreeze the game), and hit it just after typing the console command above. Then fly away to a safe distance (using 'fly' or 'ghost'), hit your playersonly key again and watch TEH BIG BANG.

Below are a few shots of the makeshift Redeemer and Ion Effects in action.

Special thanks to Will and Rodzilla for their help with getting the Redeemer to work in this BU forum thread.