The Sumo Omni

When we were asked to review a product meant for lounging around the house, I was initially confused at how I could review such a thing for the site. While we do deal with gaming things in general, we typically focus on PC gaming and not console gaming or sitting in front of the TV. Still, I decided to grab one and see what I could do with it.

Sumo Omni Standing Upright

First off, the Omni is quite large. There is plenty of surface area and "beans" to make the bag very comfortable for about any position. A new bag will smell a bit like a brand new tent, as the material seems to be similar to the canvas found there. This does not detract from the stylish nature of the bag, however, in fact it makes the bag a great deal more durable than other products in the same category. It also has an easy to open area where additional beans can be added to make the chair even more sturdy.

Lounging around on one of these things in front of the TV is very comfortable. The bag is suitable when laid out flat as a kind of large pillow, as well as standing on one of it's sides when well positioned as a sort of bean bag chair. There are a variety of ways the chair can be set up to make it more comfortable for regular use.

Sumo Omni in Chair Position

In front of the PC, the Omni is understandably less versatile. The flat pillow method won't work well because of the height required to reach the desk. However, I found that placing the bag in the chair position was actually quite comfortable given enough space around you. The bag will use up more space than a regular chair, but the fact that the beans mold to you makes the Omni quite a bit more comfortable than your standard armless affair, and on it's side it can give you plenty of height to reach your peripherals.

Another nice use for the Omni is while using a laptop. It is easy to find comfortable positions for relaxing with your laptop in your lap. This makes reclined laptop use much better than most couches can provide.

Sumo Omni in Pillow Position

Overall, if you are in the market for a bean bag chair, the Omni is definitely a good choice. At $149, it has a very competitive price to other bean bag style chairs. It is expandable, durable and comfortable and is a great alternative to some of the more widely known brand out there. I would highly recommend checking them out.

The Sumo Lounge