<Brizz> does Gears have the ability to compile scripts?
<[Epic]Entropy> not without much hackerey. The released gears editor is more for content. You can use Kisemt though to do some crazy programming stuff likes mods and mutators
<Brizz> bummer :)
<Brizz> Kismet is powerful though, I mean if you can make Gears Golf with the PC editor then that just means you can do about whatever you want
<[Epic]Entropy> MS is very concerned that people will assume that user created content is Epic created, MS approved content
<[Epic]Entropy> specifically, MS is concerned about a virus, worm, or Live! infiltration
<Brizz> because you can share them through Live or something?
<[Epic]Entropy> yup
<Brizz> I guess I can understand that
<Brizz> is there some tricky way to share Kismet structures between levels?
<Brizz> last I heard you had to use streaming but that doesn't seem like it would work if you were streaming a story together and needed to stream in the Kismet level as well
<[Epic]Entropy> not sure what you mean?
<[Epic]Entropy> oh, theres a remote event that will trigger an event in any loaded level
<Brizz> well
<Brizz> so say I make Gears Golf in Kismet
<Brizz> and I want an 18 hole golf course in 18 different levels
<Brizz> but I don't want to have to rebuild all that kismet in every single level
<[Epic]Entropy> you make a "master map" (we call them _P maps for "persistent") that is always loaded, and then the conetent maps plug into that P map
<Brizz> so are those _P maps independant of streaming level to level?
<Brizz> like if I made it so when you got on the green it streamed in the next hole's map
<Brizz> I could still load it from the _P map?
<[Epic]Entropy> for example, Timgad, the new Gears map, is actually like 30 different maps, all ruled by 2 main Ppersistent maps.
<Brizz> okay, so those persistent maps are kind of like "templates" for the rest of the 30 maps
<[Epic]Entropy> yeah Brizz, thats exactly how you set it up.
<Brizz> okay awesome
<Brizz> that should make Kismet modding for single player TCs work really well
<[Epic]Entropy> we also use "world" maps, that are always loaded. The P map is basically just an empty map that glues everything together. The world maps is always loaded, but holds scripting, sometimes audio, etc.
<Brizz> and maybe you missed my other question... if you can share maps through Live, can you also share them externally of Live as well?
<[Epic]Entropy> yes, you'll be able to upload maps, etc. to websites and share them with other people similar to UT.
<[Epic]Entropy> when you publish it, it cooks it out and auto creates the INIs and things you'll need to run the map and dumps them into a directory for you.
<Brizz> 1) How does the Mac version work with Live? Is there a Mac library for it?
<[Epic]Entropy> no idea
<Brizz> 2) Is there a dedicated server package?
<[Epic]Entropy> I don't remember where we ended up with that, sorry.
<[Epic]Entropy> one sec
<[Epic]Entropy> no dedicated server, yet. possibly later
<Brizz> bummer
<Brizz> :)
<[Epic]Entropy> play UT instead!
<[Epic]Entropy> or both!
<Brizz> I will :p
<Brizz> I don't particularly care but surely some people will
<Brizz> :)