Explanation of Scores

  • 100 - Flawless - A near perfect title with nothing that could reasonably be improved upon.

    90-99 - Superb - The top of its class. If this is the genre of game that you like, buy without hesitation. Those that don't should still have a look.

    80-89 - Great - A few flaws, but recommended nonetheless.

    70-79 - Good - A game with noticeable faults but does possess some redeeming qualities. If you're a fan of the genre/series, you'll probably enjoy the game despite the downsides. Games that score towards the lower end of the scale should be demo'ed by all but the biggest fans of the genre/series.

    60-69 - Fair - Some good aspects, but also some glaring problems. Buy only if you're positive that, despite the flaws, this game is for you.

    50-59 - Inferior - No positive qualities that stand out. There's more to dislike than there is to like about this game. It probably won't be enjoyed by anyone but the biggest die-hard fans.

    40-49 - Poor - There's something really wrong here. This game probably shouldn't have been released in this state.

    30-39 - Bad - It's probably broken and it's no fun. Hardly worthy of being called a "game".

    20-29 - Awful - Is this a game?

    10-19 - Utter Crap - Even the packaging is not entertaining.

Ratings Categories

  • Visual
    The presentation of the game, both still and in motion. Everything from the splash screen to the end credits. If you can see it - it's visual.

    Music, sound effects, voice acting.

    One of the most important factors of the review. Games with top-notch gameplay are exciting, enthralling, and they make you want to come back over and over again.

    A tremendously important factor in scoring the review. Things that may affect it include replayability, length, amount of content, and, of course, price. Also taken into consideration is the competition faced by a title.

    The 'x' factor. Games that may be lacking in one critical department but overwhelmingly excel in another may get a nudge due to bias. An average looking game may be tremendously fun to play.

The Bottom Line

  • The sum of all the above. In the case of multiple reviewers, the scores will be averaged.

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