If you had to pick one feature from the whole mod, which would you say was your favorite?

Jeremy: My favorite feature is our great iron sights system used for precise aiming. Another feature I love is grenades effecting the ground by creating small craters. It ROCKS!

Ramm-Jaeger: My favorite feature has to be the innovative Iron Sights system we have. I gained a lot of experience working with Iron Sights in TTR and have brought that experience to Red Orchestra. For some reason a lot of games use a static texture for iron sights. This doesn't seem to make any sense to me, because then its basically a really big crosshair. When you use a model, the gun can move dynamically as the player moves, breaths etc. UT2k3 really lends itself to this system as well and I am very happy with the way it is progressing so far. Our other weapon types will be even innovative with some things that have never been seen in any game before. We'll disclose those later as we get closer to release. Don't want to show all our cards just yet :)

Original9: My favorite parts are the new features (which I can't talk about). Other then that I really like the whole Eastern Front theme.

Mercatorn: Real, flying, burning-hot, shrapnel from grenades. That and Karma Physics.

Can you tell us a little bit about the logo contest, and what brought that about?

Jeremy: Well, we went a while without an "official logo" so I figured it was a good idea to bring the art community together and try to make something for the mod that THEY are looking forward to playing. On monday (4/21) we are going to collect the last of the entries from the contest. Then we will decide the winner :)

Ramm-Jaeger: We wanted to give the fans a chance to show their art skills. I think this was Jeremy's idea.

Original9: The logo contest is pretty much a chance for someone from the public to get their work put in Red Orchestra.

We will announce the winner of the contest. The winner is x13 with the simple yet affective R inside the O logo. Here is an example of it: http://www.redorchestramod.com/ROLogo.jpg

What do you expect the first public release to ship with?

Jeremy: I expect the first public release to ship with 1 fully operational "branch" for each team. ie: Standard Whermacht soldiers and Standard Red Army soldiers. In later releases we plan to start implementing Fallschirmjager, Cavalry, Waffen SS, and different season uniforms; if we don't get to it before the first release. A complete enough set of weapons to see the beginnings of Red Orchestra gameplay striving. Hopefully 6 or more beta level maps, and as much playability as possible. I hope we have a fairly complete Beta 1, then just building features and new implementations on top of that, instead of having a weak beta 1 then improving the game's issues.

Ramm-Jaeger: A lot of blood, sweat, and tears. ;) It’s really a little soon to say what all features will make the first release. We won't release until it’s a solid, playable, enjoyable game.

Original9: Weapons, maps, player classes, player models, etc. You know, the works. ;)

Mercatorn: Good sounds I hope everyone likes :)

How does the mod play?

Jeremy: GREAT for the level of development we're at. The feel is good so far. The performence is pretty good, runs better than UT2003, but still will need optimization of course in the future before release.
Ramm-Jaeger: We have reached a point where the objectives are working and we can really have some good play tests. It's really fun so far, although every time I play I think about how cool it will be when we add the next thing, and the next thing, and the next ... We had a really big play test the other night with most of the team. It was exhilarating. It's a great feeling when the mod gets to this point, where its playable and most things are functioning. I can't wait to unleash it on the public.

Back-Slash: GREAT

Original9: Performance wise the mod plays great. :) Netcode seems to be fine even when us North American's play on the european test server. There are bugs that need to be worked out. We also had a play test the other day (The night this was written) and we had a blast.

Any other comments?

Jeremy: Our website has gotten 1 million hits as of the other day!!! Big milestone. Thanks to all who support our development! The development team needs some staff. If you're interested in joining as perhaps a texture artist, skinner, coder, or effects artist, you can apply here: http://www.unrealwarfarex.com/redorchestra/index.php?module=vpContact&func=main. As well, sign up on our forums @ http://www.unrealwarfarex.com/redorchestra/forum/index.php. We listen to our community and respect your suggestions and comments. Check out the exclusive screenshots and I hope you enjoy them!!

Ramm-Jaeger: I would just ask that people keep an open mind and don't write us of as "just another WWII" mod. We are going to go above and beyond the call of duty to bring the public a great WWII game like they have never seen before. Just last week I bought a Mosin Nagant M38 and 91/30 so I can make sure the ones we have in game are as realistic as possible. The art staff is great; the mappers are great; this is the right team at the right time. I have worked on many mod teams, and I just get the feeling we are making something great and unique. I hope the fans like it as much as we do.

Original9: Red Orchestra is coming along smoothly and the public should stay tuned to the future. You all are welcome to join our forums at: http://www.unrealwarfarex.com/redorchestra/forum/index.php

If the new info wasn't enough, they have kindly sent in ten brand spanking new screenshots for our enjoyment

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