Red Orchestra: The Mod

“Red Orchestra: Combined Arms offers you the chance to take part in the immense conflict that was the Eastern Front of World War II. With stunning attention to detail, you'll feel the immersion from the word “go”. Take up rifle, SMG, light machine gun and a host of other infantry weaponry. Get mobile in trucks and half-tracks. Or learn what the much-vaunted tanks of the era were really like – lethal when well-directed, but surprisingly vulnerable to infantry.”

“The maps are based on authentic battles, some of them well known in the West, others much less so. Across open Steppes, in the heat of summer or the snows of winter – from the ice in front of Moscow to the final, desperate, climactic battles in Berlin. You'll have the chance to choose your allegiance, to pick your role as infantry, engineer, tank crew and many others. Chose your weapons. And then fight – shoot the enemy, grenade them, bayonet them if it comes to hand-to-hand – but take your objectives and win the battle!”

Red Orchestra started its evolution back in 2002, as a team came together, sharing a vision of a high-quality, Eastern Front mod to UT2004, with a high degree of realism, authenticity and immersion. After briefly trying the SOF2 and then the MOH:AA engines, the switch was finally made to Unreal Tournament 2003 late in 2002. With the switch to the Unreal Engine, the mod rapidly gained momentum, with Release 1.0 going out late in the summer of 2003. Since then, the team has worked hard to upgrade Red Orchestra significantly, to the point, at the end of 2004, where the accolades have started to roll in!

Awards won

NVIDIA’s “$1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Competition”:

  • Grand Final: Overall Winner of the Make Something Unreal competition
  • Phase IV: Winner of “Best FPS Mod”
  • Phase III: Winner of “Best FPS Mod”, second place on “Best Voice Pack or Audio Modification”
  • Phase II: Winners of “Best FPS Mod” and “Best Voice Pack or Audio Modification”.

Other awards:

  • Computer Games Magazine’s “Best Mod” for 2004
  • PC Gamer’s “Best Mod 2004”
  • Winner of the Mod Database “Mod of the Year 2004” and “Best Action Mod 2004”
  • Winner of Gamespot DLX’s “Best Mod of the Year 2004”
  • Runner-up in Gamespy’s “Mod of the Year 2004”
  • FilePlanet’s “Best Mod of 2004”!
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