We chew the fat with the team leader of the WW2 UT2003 TC, Resistance & Liberation.

A little about yourself and the mod?
Hi, I'm Josh (Crease Master) Smith, and I am Team Leader / Assisting modeler with Resistance and Liberation.

RNL is one of the first true World War II simulations. Where a lot of games stop short we keep pushing forward. Not scared to take chances or test the limits of realism we strive on bringing the sights, sounds, and horrors of war to the player.

Why another WW2 mod? What's different in this mod?
Like I stated above we strive for realism. Sure I will agree the WW2 themed games are starting to pile up out there, but how many are just carbon copies of each other? The only two that stand out in my mind as being great are Day of Defeat and World War II online. Both are great examples of developers not scared to take risks and do something right. We plan to follow in those footsteps and deliver both a visually pleasing and authentic gaming experience.

Just to name a few features:
  Iron sighted weapons...
  Realistic Ballistics...
  Real Battle locations created from some of the best resources available...
  Highly detailed player models and weapons...
  Well designed class based system to allow many different playing roles...

With that said Simulation fans should rejoice. Yes some people will not like the pace at which it is played but that's what all the other games are for.

What are the game play modes in the mod?
At the current moment we are working with one single game type broken into sub-modes. Attack and Defend is the main type and can be broken down into Territory Capture, Mission, and Campaign. All three will allow diversity in game play and each will demand a different playing style.

Explain the "pack" release structure?
Well like any other mod RNL will be released in beta packs. Each new release will add additional content and fix any unseen bugs.

You mention the maps will be huge? will they be accurate sizes or will they be scaled?
The maps for any game are scaled but I can say they will allow free movement and unrestricted play styles. While they are huge we will be using a unique spawning system to ensure players are close to combat and not getting lost.

How's devolpment going?
In all honesty it could not be better. The people involved with this project are dedicated and work every spare minute they have. Content is created on a daily basis. Dare I say soon we will open up this content to the public and show the hard work put into this project.

How do you see people playing this mod?
Hmm I would have to say that depends on the player. Probably my best guess would be the players that like Americas Army will feel right at home. Unlike so many FPS games strategy will play a huge role.

What do you think about the rumored Epic Mod Contest? Will R&L be entering?
I think it's a great idea. Valve got behind their mod teams and it prolonged the life of Half-Life for so long. I see Epic going in the same direction and awarding the best.

Now for us entering the contest? You bet ya.

In closing I would like to say join our community on IRC at #resistancemod or signup at our forums. We enjoy hearing from the fans and being interactive with the community. Thank you for the interview!

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