Path To Victory shares with us some information about their upcoming UT2003 Mod.

First Off, Will you please introduce yourself and your mod a little bit.
For those who dont know me I one of the Path To Victory mod team leaders. Most of my time I spend organising the team, and coordinating tasks. I also when i have time, animate and do a few other jobs aroudn the place.

The mod some people would know us by now, but for those who dont, Path To Victory is set in World War 2(which seems to be a common theme all of a sudden). Basically we have been working on Path To Victory mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 for around 1 year now. Basically we have been replacing everything we can from UT2k3 and putting in our own content, and also adding extra features for the mod. For more information the mod can be found at .

Where will the fighting be taking place? Will historical battles be maps in the mod?
Yes many of the maps will be based on original historical battle from the Second World War. Also we will have a few maps not from battles, this way we can provide a more diverse battle field, and also allows the mappers a little more freedom and creativity when creating maps.

Can you explain how you plan to implement the "RPG Class >System" into the mod?
Basically the current system is limited, but we plan to expand it once we have enough weapons. By selecting a class, will enable certain weapons that user can pick, the user can then pick weapons of their choice from the selection available. I think thats about the best i can explain the system without giving too much away.

What makes this mod different then the other mods for WW2 and the many retail WW2 Games?
Well what makes our mod diffrent is the secret stuff, but one of the things that wil lmake the mod difrent is the RPG class system. Theres still alot of stuff we havent been able to include yet, but over time they will be added.

Will the mod's gameplay be slow and realistic, or will it still contain some of ut2003 fast and furious gameplay?
Our aim is not to go overboard on realism. We aim to have a good mix of action, realism and fun.

Will there be any new forms of multi-player in the mod, or just the standard DM/CTF?
Currently we have Team DM, and Capture and Hold, later we will be expanding the game modes available once we have ironed out the bugs with the current game modes.

How's devolpment going?
The development of the mod is going strong due to the new team members weve picked up over the last month or two. As of the 2nd of May we have released the first Alpha to the beta team. Currently we have alot of bugs and tweaks to fix before getting more beta testers for a final stress test and balance testing.

Any other comments?
We really need some mappers, weve been having a hard time trying to find them and would really love to get some so we can have more maps. So if anyone out there is interested in the position can they email me at with the subject line "PtV Mapping" followed by their name. Or check our site at for more information.

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