How will the new camera modes benefit the user?
     Pfhoenix: Well, players can rotate the camera around their marble and zoom in and out. This means that they can be viewing the map around their marble from any angle (even though the camera is locked into a semi-isometric view). It encourages mappers to take advantage of having different viewpoints and makes possible more complex and confusing maps.

     Doctor Schwa: I assume you mean the ability to rotate the camera around the marble as opposed to the locked position in the original? The ability to spin the camera around the marble allows us to make much more interesting, complex and even confusing maps (hey, they're supposed to be challenging, right?). The goal is to require the player to effectively use the camera to help him navigate his way through the maps.

How is development going?
     Pfhoenix: Real Life(tm) aside, things are going pretty well. I think Schwa is looking to get a modeler/animator to help make some of the more interesting single player map elements. Every now and then, I'll hit a brainstorm that results in something like Pool; fun, simple, and so obvious that you wonder why you didn't think of it before.

     Doctor Schwa: Development is going pretty well. I moved back in February so that took me away from the project for a bit, and we both have other things we like doing in our spare time, but over all things are going well. Between the two of us we've taken care of the coding, mapping, textures, music and sound effects. TwinsenEd created the Marble mesh for us and my friend Serafin helped us out with the logo for the game.

     We do hope to get another team member or two in the near future, particularly a modeler/animator to help us get the worms, acid pools and transport tubes from the original game going. We've already got evil black AI marbles to hunt you down and knock you around though.

Will you be entering this mod in the upcoming Epic Mod Contest?
     Pfhoenix: Since the first rumor of a whisper about the mod contest, Yes.

     Doctor Schwa: Most definitely.

Any other comments?
     Pfhoenix: Thanks for taking the time to send us these questions.

     Doctor Schwa: Thanks for the attention BU has been giving us. It's helped get a lot of Marble Madness fans over to our site and interested in our mod.

I think this mod will be an extremely way to calm down after some intense fragging

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