BU: Welcome to the hot seat, Raffi_B! Where does your nickname come from, anyway?Raffi_B: In the Matrix, I'm that children's singer guy who composed "Wheels on the bus." But in reality, it's really just my first name followed by the first letter of my last name.BU: How did you first get involved with computers and computer gaming?Raffi_B: My brother used to set up Doom II LAN's at his school's computer lab, so I eventually started to hang around and learn about FPS's. I played Quake and Quake2, before seeing the light and coming over to Unreal.BU: Other than spending countless hours in front of the keyboard, what other hobbies do you enjoy? Musical tastes?Raffi_B: I play a lot of sports, my favorite being football. Music-wise I really enjoy electronic music, and even make my own when I'm not busy. When my computer is down, I return to my secret lab and see how the mutants are doing.BU: What do you think you'll be doing 10 years from now?Raffi_B: Taking over the world with my mutants... I mean, I'll hopefully be working at a game design studio, where I can make money for doing something I'd gladly do for free.BU: How did you end up being a BeyondUnreal newsie and all-around cool guy?Raffi_B: I originally started sending BU a whole lot of news and eventually hal asked me if I'd be interested in being a newsie. Then he offered me some man-love and I absolutely couldn't resist.