FragBU Bonus Pack

Released on January 28, 2006, the FragBU Bonus Pack for Unreal Tournament 2004 consists of the work of some of the most talented BeyondUnreal forumers and FragBU regulars. One of the primary goals of the pack was to make maps that, above all, have good gameplay. As you'll see from the screenshots, however, the maps are fairly visually pleasing as well.

If you would like to know more about FragBU, please visit this page or stop by the BU UT2004 Forums.

The maps are:

  • CTF-FBU-1on1-Xerosis - Raffi_B
  • CTF-FBU-Barcelona - Gred Mega and Raffi_B
  • CTF-FBU-Iron2 - Raffi_B
  • CTF-FBU-Veiled - Radeon285
  • ONS-FBU-Desertion - Styx
  • ONS-FBU-Highlands - Styx, Reeps, and Raffi_B
  • ONS-FBU-Scorched - Styx, Reeps, and Raffi_B
  • ONS-FBU-Stonehaven - King Mango
  • VCTF-FBU-AkhaRu - King Mango

There are also two mutators:

  • Heavy Health - SlayerDragon - The less health you have, the faster you will move!
  • Heavy Armor - SlayerDragon - The less armor your vehicle has, the faster it will move!

On top of all that, there is one of the wackiest gametypes ever created:

  • Nalicow Invasion - Parser - Replaces the standard invasion monsters with nalicows. They fly, moo, and try to hump your face, so be sure to kill them before they kill you!










Nalicow Invasion