Duty Calls gives us an update about their UT2003 Mod.

A little bit about yourself and the mod?
Me? My name is Dekel Paz, online known as Fuzz0r or Warpe|}. I live in Israel, and I study in the same class as my co-leader: Casp3r. I thought of "Duty Calls" (Well I didn't have a name for it then) when I wanted to play a game like that, and realised there is no similar game, and probably one wouldn't come along any time soon. So I started planning a game in my head. I let Casp3r know about the game, and he gave me some ideas and helped me generaly plan it. Casp3r has a server pack, where he hosts sites and forums. He proposed to build the site and host it. After working on the website, we started looking for help, and we where off! About the mod: Duty Calls is a total conversion mod for UT2003. It's a tactical-realistic game, based on modern warfare. The main objective of our mod is to give players a game, which will be different each time they play it. In each round, the expirience will be different, so that the game will stay fun for a long time. More details can be found at: http://www.evilcheese.net/nuke/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=7

What is this stuff about physics for realism?
As I said, our main target, as a development team, is to create a game with many posibilities, so each time you play it, the expirience will be different. One of our ways to do so, is to give the player a lot of interaction with his environment, through the UT2003's Karma physics engine. When you shoot a door, it will open. Breaking a light bulb will couse the lights to go off. Blowing a wall will cause a permanent hole, and will send parts flying. Those are just a bit examples of the use of physics.

Explain the Random Event Technology?
The Random Event Technology, or RET for short, is a new technology brought to us by our team member, Novian. RET will allow us to create random events, making the game even more interesting. By using this technology, we could create random weather change, special situations the will only occur once in while, and so on. For example, if the player uses a parachute at a time of bad weather, he could have a safe dive, but just as well his parachute could tear apart. We will use this technology to create multiple random situations. Some of them will aprear almost every game, while some could apear only once or twice in the whole playing time.

What kind of classes will there be? and how will they differ?
Currently, the classes the we plan are: Infantry Soldier, Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Demolition Man, Close Quarters Soldier , and maybe a Medic. The classes will differ in their weapon selection, and physical attributes, such as amount of weight they can carry, and run speed. Also, only the Infantry Soldier may be selected as the squad leader. Some of this classes are not yet certain, and might be changed.

Explain how a round will go from start to finish?
At the start of the round, the player will select a team, a class, and weapons. Let's say, for this example, we are talking about a basic round of counter-terrorist vs. terrorists, with a hostage situation. Before each round, the teams will have a certain time before the mission starts. The CT's squad leader, will use this time to show his team members his plan, by drawing it on the map's blueprint. The Terrorists will use the time to walk in the map freely, moving the hostages to wherever they want, and deciding on their places. From there, the round will start. The teams will do their missions. At the end of the mission, the round will restart, or a new map will be chosen.

Can you explain the gametypes?
The two gametypes are Operations and War. Operations will be missions, mainly Counter Terrorists vs. Terrorists. It will include big maps, with many roads, ways and buildings. The gametype will include many weapons, and some missions will include vehicles. Operations will require tactics, strategy and team play. War is a gametype, where two armys are battling each other. War will be lighter then Operations, and will not require as much team play. The War maps will be huge, with many weapons and vehicles. The big detailed maps, of both gametypes, is another factor to gain our goal.

How's devolpment going?
Currently development is a bit slow, because many of the members are in a period of exams. I hope that thing will be back on track after this month. In this time we need members more then ever, and any applications can be sent to me. My details are listed in the "comments" part of the interview.

How do you feel about epic's upcoming mod contest? will you be entering?
As soon as I heard about the mod contest I wanted to join it. It should be fun, and would be nice to see someone appreciate our hard work. I just hope we will get enough material in time.

Any other comments?
Any applications can be sent to me to:
Email: fuzz0r@walla.co.il
ICQ: 96033487
Yahoo Messenger: fuzz0r
Some of the questions I answered were more relative to the Operations gameplay. That is because Operations is the gameplay that is currently in development.